Now is the time to bring energy storage to the grid.

An absence of storage leads to an inefficient grid.

Peak levels of electricity demand are far in excess of what is normally experienced.

In the absence of storage, the grid must have enough generating capacity to instantly meet these peak levels, plus a buffer in case anything goes wrong.

And peak demand levels are growing.

As a result, we have to keep building new generating infrastructure that isn't used.

Despite its importance, grid-scale storage remains rare.

Storing excess energy when demand is low and releasing it when demand is high:

  • Allows us to use existing generation resources more efficiently.
  • Puts off the need for new generation.
  • Can make intermittent renewabes (wind, solar) more feasible and economically viable.

Nevertheless, the penetration of storage is low, and new technologies are struggling to gain a toehold.

We can build storage today.

There are many challenges to bringing storage to the grid, but we believe they can be overcome.

We have the infrastructure.

The grid is old, but as they say, it has "good bones." It does what we've asked it to do, bringing generation online and delivering it where it needs to go. The natural next step is to expand on this infrastructure, not to wait for it to be recreated.

We have the revenue model.

A commonly-voiced challenge is that the grid currently doesn't adequately reward those who bring storage online. This is probably true. Nevertheless, there are plenty of incentives for storage today: De-regulated markets reward providers who:

  • Add peak capacity.
  • Can put energy on the grid when demand is highest.
  • Act as a backup source of energy against the unexpected.

Storage can do all of these things. We expect that the incentives for storage will get stronger as people gain a better understanding of the benefits it brings - indeed, as a company in the space one of our tasks is to promote this understanding. But while further incentives will come, we're not waiting for them.

We are ready to enter the market today.

We have the technology.

The founders of Third Power looked at the current set of conditions and developed a technology with appropriate cost, scaling and performance characteristics. Our thermal solution is:

Economically Viable.

Down Arrow
35%+ IRR

Easy to Implement.

Down Arrow
6-12 month development

Widely deployable.

Down Arrow
Targets 70% of US Generation

And we're happy to tell you about it.

Explore the site for more of our take on the market and our approach, and contact us if you want to learn more.

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